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Evolution- Sketch and Costume

Perhaps the most important parts to creating an image.


When I have an idea for a photograph (evolution was my inspiration) I see it in my mind. To keep myself from forgetting the shots I need to create a piece, I sketch it out. I write out which lens I see using, the colors I want to use to portray a story or a mood, pose, location, props and tools I'll need. I write out everything I see in my head so that I have an absolute clear idea of what I want. However, this doesn't always work. Sometimes my whole direction will change when I get on location, or the weather will warrant a change. It's important to be open to change. In fact, I thrive on it! I may not get the exact image I was picturing but I sure as heck get an experience I wasn't planning on (like almost losing my jeep in a marsh). It isn't always about the's about creating it!


I get my dresses from thrift stores 99 percent of the time. I figured that they are going to get ripped, muddy, stained and utterly worn so why spend a fortune. Also, I use bed sheets for those dramatic fabric images. I use what I have because I am very resourceful plus I think it gives a piece rawness. I don't prefer picture perfect images. I want the real stuff.

For this 2021 butterfly piece, which is now called Blue Blush, I have purchased wings for about $10. They are fabric and very flowy which is exactly what I was wanting. I will also be using plastic wrap as my cocoon. I will use dark eyeshadow around my eyes and on my cheek bones to look more buggy (is buggy a word?) I usually don't wear any makeup on my shoots because I don't show my face. I want my audience to relate to the subject, story and environment. However, in this instance I want to enhance the idea of a human evolving so using makeup will be essential in getting the concept right.

That's it for now. Come back later for the next step in my photographic process!

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