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By embracing and evolving from my childhood in foster care, I delve deep into my soul and create striking, yet unsettling pieces. My purpose is to use my experiences and put them into pictures to help others through healing and growth.


A common theme children suffer from in foster care is the idea that love is earned. If they weren't good enough for their biological families love, why would they be good enough for complete strangers? By exploring such themes deeply, I connect with my audience in an intimate way. My pieces say, "I get you!" and "It's going to be ok."


Imagining, sketching, and writing out each detail of a picture is a critical part of my workflow. This process unravels the tangled red threads of my mind which allow me to fabricate a clear narrative. It's important to me that I create pieces that FEEL like something much like the effects of music.


I utilize jewel-tone colors and lush landscapes to arouse powerful emotions within the viewer. Because I use myself as the subject, each image is deeply personal and filled with the darkest and most illuminated parts of my subconsciousness. I offer immense encouragement for those struggling with a sense of worthlessness and emotional strife.

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