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the gradual development of something. especially from a simple to more complex form.

Welcome to behind the scenes to my process of creating my imagery. For my first images of 2021 I want to focus on the concept of evolution. I myself have evolved and grown in LOVE, self acceptance and awareness. Stay with me as I document and share from beginning to end.

I have molted, shed my skin and all things that have hampered my growth and prolonged my eminent evolution.

For this piece I am inspired by butterflies and their evolution into a magnificent being.

Scouting for the perfect location and background.

When I first moved to Washington a little over a year ago I discovered the most magical place in the world. It is a hiking trail called Weatherwax. It is here that I nearly got on my knees and cried because of the overwhelming beauty. Coming from the desert and seeing this much green will do that to you! For this piece evoking evolution I thought it fitting to shoot where the magic began. Below are 3 possible backdrops for my butterfly. It doesn't make sense yet but trust me. We're just getting started!

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