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I am available to produce original art for your next project, advertising and editorial as seen below..

Custom Fine Art piece of your very own.

IMG_1706-Edit copy 2.jpg

The first thing that will happen when you decide you'd like a custom Jade Black piece of your very own is coffee or tea or.....whatever you'd like! I want to meet you, connect with you. Let's talk about what it is about my work that you'd like to incorporate into your piece. What are your ideas? Expectations? Dreams? Next we will talk costumes, location, date and time.


Shoots last anywhere from 15-30 minutes, depending on how many photos need to be taken. Because I am compositing most of the time, I will be taking pictures for each element of the final piece we have designed. 

It is a joy bringing smiles and tears to my clients faces!

Prices begin at $500

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