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The Art Of Compositing

I love seeing impossible images and trying to figure out how they did it!

Final photograph after many hours and compositing.

Welcome to my blog. I'll do my best to inspire you and also to show you that your wildest photographic dreams can indeed come true. All you need is a photo editing software (Photoshop), some know how and your brilliant, creative mind. Let's get started!

“Though his loftiness reaches the heavens, and his head touches the clouds,...” -Job 20-6

I'm often inspired with an idea for creating a photograph after I've read something that strikes a chord in my spirit. Many times it is scripture such as this one from the book of Job.

Steps to creating your vision

The first thing you'll want to do is move your soul. Find inspiration that evokes strong emotion. Doing this will give you motivation and creativity needed to succeed in your completing what you see in your head. You may fail once or twice or a hundred times. However, trying is not failing. After you've found your inspiration, sketch out a rough photo design. Include what colors you see in your photo, subject and pose. Keep your inspiration with you and handy so you can continuously draw from it whether it be a line from a book or a scene from a movie.

After you have your sketch, list what you need to create it. If it is levitation, do you need a stool? What costumes do you need? What lens would best help tell the story and portray your vision? Location? Using a model or self-portrait?

Now it's time to shoot. It is very important to first take a picture of your background only. This will give you a blank slate to build on. You also need to think about the shots you need to build your vision especially when compositing. Compositing is taking several photographs and blending them to create one photograph. You'll see below a few of the steps I have taken to get my final image.

When you feel confident you have taken all shots necessary (make list and check it twice) it's time to take it to photoshop. I recommend to learn any and everything you'll ever need to know to make your masterpieces.

It will take practice and dedication but remember your vision, experiences and interpretations are important and relevant! The world needs to see what you have to say!

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